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  • Guitar Night Images | Jazzography

    Guitar Night Images Images from special evenings and special moments from John Pisano’s Guitar Night. ​ They include “Performance Portraits”, groupings and several anniversary group photographs. to order a photo, contact bob at 323-856-0565 or EMAIL AT JAZZOGRAPHY@ROADRUNNER.COM 1st Anniversary @ Rocco 2000 Ted Greene, Sid Jacobs, Andy Summers, Herb Ellis, Del Casher, Tomas Janzon, Anthony Wilson, John Pisano, Bob Bain, Ron Anthony, Pat Kelley, Barry Zweig, Jim Fox, Frank Potenza, Phil Upchurch, Mundell Lowe, Doug MacDonald, Robert Conti Trio - Jim Fox, Dave Stone, John Pisano 1999 John Pisano 2002 Mundell Lowe & Howard Alden 2004 The Brotherhood - 2001 Dan Sawyer, Russell Malone, Sid Jacobs, Jay Graydon, John Pisano, Phil deGruy, Ted Greene, Steve Vai Mundell Lowe, Herb Ellis, John Pisano & Ted Greene 2000 John Pisano 2004 Jim Fox, Herb Ellis, Dave Stone, John Pisano 2000 Dave Koonse & Putter Smith 1999 Jim Fox, Dave Stone, Bob Bain, John Pisano 2000 Herb Ellis 1999 John Pisano, Frank Potenza, Ron Eschete 1999 Mundell Lowe 2007 Gene Bertoncini 1999 John Pisano 2007 Mundell Lowe, Gregg Field, Herb Ellis, Jim Hughart & John Pisano 2000 Mundell Lowe & John Pisano 2003 Phil Upchurch 2007 Colin Baily, Luther Hughes, Al Viola, John Pisano 1998 John Pisano & Jimmy Bruno 1999 Jimmy Wyble Work Shop 2006 - Back row - Bob Bain, David Oakes, Larry Koonse, Barry Zweig, Sid Jacobs, Jimmy Wyble, Ron Berman, Ron Anthony,Frank Potenza Front Row - Mitch Holder, Thom Rotella, Dave Koonse, John Pisano, Phil Upchurch, Tim May, Dennis Budimir John Pisano & Chuck Berghofer 2007 John Pisano & Chris Conner 2017 George Van Eps & John Pisano 1998 Legends 1998 Back row - Charlie Myerson, Bill Pitman, Jon Kurnick, John Pisano, Mitch Holder, Bob Bain, Mike Anthony Middle row - Al Viola, Carol Kaye, Ron Anthony, Barry Zweig, Front - Jim Hughart to order a photo, contact bob at 323-856-0565 or EMAIL AT JAZZOGRAPHY@ROADRUNNER.COM

  • Guitar Night | Jazzography

    John Pisano's Guitar Night The "Hang" ​ ​ Musicians love to “hang”. These informal gatherings, known as “hangs”, could be as simple as a couple of musicians getting together to play, talk, or have a bite to eat. It could also be where a great many musicians congregate, and this place becomes known as, “the hang”. ​ John Pisano’s Guitar Night has been “the hang” for guitar players and fans of jazz guitar for more than twenty-two years. With a simple informal host and guest format, John Pisano, has succeeded in bringing the finest guitarists and music to his weekly Tuesday evening Guitar Nights since 1997 . ​ Guitar Night all began with just two guitars and a bass, and quickly migrated to a quartet format with bass and drums. Whatever the configuration, it is mostly unrehearsed, and these ultimate professionals bravely test themselves by often going outside the established musical boundaries. With the confidence that only great talent exudes, they wander, explore, and finally find their way back to musically resolve on the right note, every time. Bob Barry to get more info, or to order your copy, go to the Jazzography Store in the top menu and click on Guitar Night Book, or you can contact bob at 323-856-0565. John Pisano’s Guitar Night - The Book A little over twenty-two years ago John Pisano called and invited me to be part of what would be the first Guitar Night at the Papashon Restaurant in Encino California. Little did I know how life changing that phone call would be? I remember getting dressed to go to the first Guitar Night and as I was leaving, I looked at my dresser and there sitting on top was my camera and I was debating whether I should take it with me. I find it just amazing how the smallest of decisions can change your life in such a profound way. For three years I sifted through boxes of proof sheets, negatives, and file after file of digital Guitar Night images. There were months of sorting, scanning, retouching, and researching then eventually the writing of the text and bios. Then with the help of guitarist Pat Kelley who did the editing, and guitarist/graphic designer Ted Mayer's contributions, it all came together. Needless to say, the days have been busy and hopefully my audience will have found them fruitful. Since September of 1997, John Pisano has presented 132 world-class guest guitarists along with twenty-five or so who have “sat in”, plus countless who have played at special Guitar Night events and celebrations. They were all supported by the finest sidemen available. From that very first Guitar Night with the legendary seven-string guitarist, George van Eps, to the present day, I have photographed in seven different venues almost every Guitar Night, including the special events, anniversary’s, memorials, special guests, and just gaggles of guitarists “hanging” around each Guitar Night. It has been my intention to not only chronicle, but to introduce you to a special group of artists who I have had the honor of photographing and getting to know. It is my hope that through my photos you will get to know them as I have. Bob Barry ​ ​

  • American Jazz Museum "Jazzography" | Jazzography

    American Jazz Museum 2013 Greeting Jazz Friends, Among the lexicon of jazz photographer icons, Bob Barry ranks extremely high. Like the notable work of William Gottlieb, William Claxton, K. Abe, Ray Avery, Herman Leonard, Milt Hinton, William Ellis and many others, Bob has proven his ilk as one of the world's most celebrated jazz photo artists. We are pleased to celebrate his work here at the American Jazz Museum. The latest edition of our Changing Gallery Exhibition, Jazzography - The Performance Portraits of Bob Barry, is a fitting exemplar of Bob's fine work. With his technique focused primarily on ambient lighting, Bob truly captures the spirit of the music. When you glance at his photos I believe "what you see is what you hear. " ​ Unlike the typical portraiture work of many photo artists, he has an uncanny ability to bring the music to life within the frame of his lens. He meticulously captures the spirit of the music deep within the artist deep in the zone - on and off the stage. The results he achieves are inextricably linked to his fabulous musicianship as an accomplished guitar player and an astute jazz lover. Blending those skills, along with his keen artistic sense behind the camera, results in what I believe is some of the most magnificent pieces of jazz photo art the world will ever see. ​ Moreover, his works help to build a body of meaningful archival pieces for maintaining the integrity and legacy of the music we all love so dear. It's no surprise to me that the jazz community has embraced Bob as one of the finest. He continues to receive accolades for his great work not to mention countless calls to serve on the front line in capturing stunning and provocative performances of hundreds of jazz notables each year. It's that embrace that has found Bob to be the subject of a wonderful jazz documentary of his life's work. I hope you will join us here for the screening of his documentary entitled Bob Barry - Jazzography In Black & White. More importantly, I hope you enjoy this fabulous exhibition and revel in the spirit these photos represent as much as I do. Bob's Biggest Fan, Gregory A. Carroll Chief Executive Officer American Jazz Museum The Show The American Jazz Museum Presents the Performance Portraits of Bob Barry

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