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Guitar Night

                                                                     “The Hang” 


Among musicians there is an informal gathering known as a "hang".

It could be as simple as a couple of musicians getting together to play, talk, or have a bite to eat. Or, it could be a place where a great many musicians congregate, and this place becomes known as, “The Hang”.

John Pisano’s Guitar Night has been “The Hang” of choice for guitarists and fans of guitar for over twenty-three years. With a simple informal host and guest format, John Pisano has succeeded in bringing the finest guitarists and music to his admiring and dedicated audience for over 22 years.


Every week John invites a world-class guitarist to play with him. It can be just two guitars, or on most occasions, a bass player, and drummer would be added. Whatever the configuration, it is almost always unrehearsed, and these ultimate professionals bravely test themselves by often going outside the established musical boundaries. With the confidence that only great talent exudes, they wander, explore, and finally find their way back to musically resolve on the right note, every time.   Bob Barry


Guitar Night Book Covers 2.jpg

“Guitar Night” is a pictorial history of the first twenty years of this amazing event. Using photos and text, it is a chronicle of a special group of artists who I have had the honor of photographing and getting to know.

 “This book is a must for any jazz enthusiast’s library. It transcends both time and trend.”

  Jim Carlton: author of Conversations With Great Jazz and Studio  


John Pisano.jpg

This is a perpetual calendar containing 202 birthdays of the world’s finest jazz guitarists. Illustrated with performance portraits and additional images by noted jazz photographer Bob Barry, the 12x14 portraits are suitable for framing.


Mundell Lowe & Howard Alden 2004.jpg

Images from special evenings and special moments from John Pisano’s Guitar Night. Includes “Performance Portraits”,  groupings and several anniversary group photographs.

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