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American Jazz Museum 2013

 Greeting Jazz Friends,

Among the lexicon of jazz photographer icons, Bob Barry ranks extremely high. Like the notable work of William Gottlieb, William Claxton, K. Abe, Ray Avery, Herman Leonard, Milt Hinton, William Ellis and many others, Bob has proven his ilk as one of the world's most celebrated jazz photo artists.


We are pleased to celebrate his work here at the American Jazz Museum. The latest edition of our Changing Gallery Exhibition, Jazzography - The Performance Portraits of Bob Barry, is a fitting exemplar of Bob's fine work.


With his technique focused primarily on ambient lighting, Bob truly captures the spirit of the music.  When you glance at his photos I believe "what you see is what you hear. "

Unlike the typical portraiture work of many photo artists, he has an uncanny ability to bring the music to life within the frame of his lens. He meticulously captures the spirit of the music deep within the artist deep in the zone - on and off the stage.


The results he achieves are inextricably linked to his fabulous musicianship as an accomplished guitar player and an astute jazz lover. Blending those skills, along with his keen artistic sense behind the camera, results in what I believe is some of the most magnificent pieces of jazz photo art the world will ever see.

Moreover, his works help to build a body of meaningful archival pieces for maintaining the integrity and legacy of the music we all love so dear. 


It's no surprise to me that the jazz community has embraced Bob as one of the finest. He continues to receive accolades for his great work not to mention countless calls to serve on the front line in capturing stunning and provocative performances of hundreds of jazz notables each year.  It's that embrace that has found Bob to be the subject of a wonderful jazz documentary of his life's work.


I hope you will join us here for the screening of his documentary entitled Bob Barry - Jazzography In Black & White.


More importantly, I hope you enjoy this fabulous exhibition and revel in the spirit these photos represent as much as I do.


Bob's Biggest Fan,


Gregory A. Carroll

Chief Executive Officer

American Jazz Museum

The Show

The American Jazz Museum Presents the Performance Portraits of Bob Barry
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