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Flora is my newest photo project using a  technique I call Photo Sculpting.

This atypical project came out of a need to clear my mind after long sessions working on my portraits.

While walking my Lab Lily in the Hollywood Dell where we live, I started photographing the local flora and would bring the images home and periodically work on them. I began to photograph flora on trips around LA, Arizona, New Mexico and then on to the UK and Europe. 

Just like the sculptors of old who went out to the quarries and hauled a slab of granite back to their studio, studied it, and when they were sure of their vision, they would chip away, and remove what they felt was not necessary, until it revealed what they had envisioned.

I do the same thing using state of the art computer applications and tools on a photo image!

I go out to my quarry, which is the world at large, and bring my captures back to my studio and after some study, I too remove what I feel is not needed to accomplish my vision.

Flora prints, typologies and triptychs are available for sale. Be sure to check out the Jazzography Store.

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